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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pastel Paintings

These are two soft pastel paintings I did at Lyn Diefenbach's workshop in January.  Her demos on technique were excellent.  I'm still working on a portrait painting.

Pastel painting

From a photograph of waves breaking on sand

Pastel painting

From a photo of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Linocuts made mainly in the last year

I have been making linocuts as well as other prints for some time so thought I would display these before my Printmaking Group starts again next week for 2015.

Linocut of Australian native plants
This first one is printed black on white and handcoloured with gouache.  It shows some Australian native plants.

Linocut abstract
This is an abstract begun years ago on a piece of really hard lino.  It is printed in red ink on green paper

Linocut abstract
An abstract based on leaves

Hot air balloons


Linocut abstract design based on a simple flower and printed in black ink


Geometric spires design.  Printed in black ink and the red is handcoloured acrylic

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pastel Paintings

Although I am still missing Rosie, I am doing more art as this helps to keep my mind away from the sorrow of missing her.  These are the last pastels I made in 2014.  Last week I did a workshop for three days and the pastels from that are yet to be finished.

Pastel Painting
Kangaroos under trees

Pastel Painting
Northern Afghanistan mountains from Tajikistan

Monday, 12 January 2015

Vale - my Rosie and Daisy

Sadly last week I had to take Rosie to the vet as she was beginning to suffer.  At 17 she was blind and deaf and her back legs were starting to go.  She still liked to eat but I was worried she would fall off the edge of the deck where she sometimes wandered bumping into things.  Daisy was also blind and her life ceased last year when she was often lost in the garden at night in the freezing cold of winter.  She was probably the offspring of Rosie and a couple of years younger.  Both came from the RSPCA - they were found together wandering the streets of a Canberra suburb with their long hair all matted.  I took them both as they were clearly dependent on each other.

They are both now in doggy heaven as they were such gorgeous little dogs who were my family.  I miss them very much.  These photos were taken 4 years ago but show their personalities.

My dog -  Daisy

My dog - Rosie

My dogs - Rosie and Daisy
Daisy & Rosie with knitted jumpers in their beds

Monday, 27 October 2014

Book on my recent travels to Central Asia

Hope you enjoy my book that I have just uploaded to Blurb for printing and PDF.   Click on the icon for full screen display to see it clearly.

Monday, 20 October 2014

My Garden this spring

I have not posted for a long time - largely because I have been away for several weeks on a trip in Central Asia.  I have yet to organise my pictures and make a photo book.  But my garden has been looking nice this spring so thought I would post some photos here.

My deck with hanging baskets
My back deck - the hanging baskets were only just planted.
View from back deck into the garden


Back courtyard and bluebells

Pond and pots in back garden

My house and garden

Azaleas at the side gate


Front path in my garden

Monday, 25 August 2014

My Photobook on South America

I have just finished my photobook on South America where with two Aussie friends, Janice and Val,  I spent three months travelling, partly on our own and partly on a Penn Overland trip by bus.  We also had 10 days on an old boat seeing the Galapagos Islands.  This was in 1973.  I have scanned all my slides and have 635 photos in the book.

We had been teaching in Canada for three years and were finally moving again to see more of the world,  as Australians often did in those days.

Hope you enjoy this book.  It can be purchased on the  Blurb website
by entering my name in the search box.  All my books are available for viewing and purchasing there. 

The book is best viewed here in fullscreen mode which is available with the far right icon below.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Recent pastel paintings

These are two soft pastel paintings I have done recently on Wednesdays when I meet with others to paint.  I am enjoying returning to pastels, my favourite medium.

I photographed this still life set up under the trees at Floriade many years ago and decided to paint my interpretation of it with bright colours which I love.

Still life

This grevillea flower closeup was waiting to be painted.

Part of a grevillea flower

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Some Mixed Media Paintings

My canvas was covered in glue and sand sprinkled on it  to give a rough texture when painted with acrylic paints.  The idea was to give a feeling of Edward Hopper's work.  He was a mainly urban painter and often at dusk or night.  I only had a photo of houses in the daytime so I have attempted here to give a night look by making the sky dark and light in the windows.  It was fun to do.

Urban view in early evening

I had covered a canvas with crushed tissue paper and painted the whole area in yellow ochre.  It had been sitting around for a few months.  I was searching for a design idea and began drawing flasks.  To contrast with the curves of the flasks I began drawing triangles and using different colours for decoration. Most of the yellow ochre was covered although this was not the original intention. Another piece of work that was fun to do.

Fun with flasks

This collage was made for the Squares Exhibition that has just finished at Strathnairn Gallery.  I always love this opportunity each year to do something different on a small canvas.  I decided to do a collage using all the advertising stuff that comes in the mailbox and newspaper every day. The  background at the top has painted paper covered with semitransparent Lutradur polyester sheet.  I have called it Baubles Collage. 

Baubles collage